MaintMaster blog - 15 January 2020

2 months until maintenance fair in Gothenburg

2 months until maintenance fair in Gothenburg

Less than 2 months to go until we’ll see you at the maintenance fair in Gothenburg!

As we have previously revealed, we will be bringing some new products to the fair. The big one is MaintMaster IOT Sensors, a product that is fully in line with developments in maintenance; the Internet of things, industry 4.0 and smart maintenance. With the sensors, you can automatically have data reported to MaintMaster, making it easy to follow trends in your equipment, simply explained. If there’s any deviation, a fault report is automatically created in MaintMaster, ready to be handled according to your routines. At our stand B04: 20, we’ll show how it works!

As you already know, we are happy to talk about all issues related to maintenance. Our stand is a meeting place for all MaintMasters and you can usually meet existing customers, as well as new faces. So, if you’re looking for a new maintenance system, you have great opportunities to ask someone who has made the journey you’ve decided to embark on. We have seen how valuable it is for our customers to communicate directly with one another. Companies that exchange experiences and help each other grow are something we strive for. We are therefore proud that our maintenance system, MaintMaster, not only helps individual companies to obtain better maintenance but also unites companies and industries.

So, set your sight on the large, well-known, illuminated MaintMaster cube in the ceiling and you will arrive at stand B04: 20 and us. Welcome!