MaintMaster blog - 25 November 2021

A warm welcome Leif Bohlin, MaintMaster’s new CEO!

A warm welcome Leif Bohlin, MaintMaster’s new CEO!

Leif Bohlin started his professional career as a buyer at SAAB/General Motors, purchasing instrument panels for the SAAB 9-5, among other things. Today he takes over the role of CEO at MaintMaster. Of course, we just had to collar him for an interview!


Hi Leif, could you tell us why you chose MaintMaster?
– Hello there! MaintMaster has an incredible journey ahead of it, and I think my experience will come in handy. I have been with many companies through different phases and growth journeys. Everything from launching a start-up, turning a company round that was close to bankruptcy to establishing a company in new markets.


I understand that you have previously worked with various companies. Is this your first SaaS company?
– No, I have many years’ experience of SaaS companies and I think they are very interesting companies. The question of whether to digitise is no longer about doing it, but about when to do it.


Why did you choose MaintMaster as the next step in your career?
– I was the CEO of Unifaun until the beginning of 2021. After a change of owner and a merger, it seemed natural that I step down. After that I took a couple of months off, which was very nice. This summer, I started the Private Equity company Monterro, where MaintMaster is one of the portfolio companies, with the task of working with the company’s holdings. After just a few months, the opportunity of working with MaintMaster came along. After meeting Peter Barkland (founder and product owner) and Annika Lindström (CFO), we felt like we were a good match.


Did you know about MaintMaster before?
– No, but I quickly understood that MaintMaster is a fine, exciting company that has completed an impressive journey so far. There is pride and a strong culture – which is fantastic! It made a very positive impression on me, so I really felt that everything was just right for me to take the next step. Peter has built up a fantastic team and, in his role as product manager, he can now focus completely on realising the new items we have in our future plan. We have a very strong team now!


You are now going to play a big role in the company. How does it feel? What drives you in the role of CEO?
– It feels fun and inspiring! At the same time, I always have the humility to learn a new culture and industry. I like to see people develop and believe in a leadership style with a lot of freedom, but governed by responsibility. This is what drives me in my role as CEO. After that, I think it’s really fun to deal with everything from big, strategic issues to small, practical ones. Like: if the coffee machine stops, then my players run out of fuel. Like playing a game of football without water.


Lots of us can sign up to a broken coffee machine causing a production stoppage. Tell us more about your reference to football. Are you a former football player?
– Yes, I have played football and I think there is so much to learn from sports in terms of leadership and organisation. You cannot have a football team with only strong forwards. To win, you also need a strong midfield, a good back line and a goalkeeper. Different matches can mean different lineups. You also do not have to win every match to win the series, but the goal must be clear and it is important to have the right strategy for the right occasion.


It is noticeable when talking to you that you really enjoy working, so I suspect that you are looking forward to the coming months?
– Yes! A packed schedule awaits me, with a lot of introductions. I’m looking forward to meeting all the employees and understanding the company. That’s a priority for me. Then it will be time to form a clear vision and level of ambition for where we want to be in 3 years time. Define the journey, and refine and improve. And start working towards that goal!


Finally, how do you recharge your batteries so that you have the strength to keep up this heady pace?
– I have always tried to strike a healthy balance between work and leisure. Sometimes it has gone well, sometimes less so. Nowadays I am good at being able to commute between work and leisure. I think it is important that everyone has an alternative to their job, whether it is family, training or something else. An environment where you can feel good will make you perform better at work.


Thanks for the chat, Leif. It’s inspiring to talk to you and it’s going to be so much fun to have you on board at MaintMaster. Great to have you with us!



Leif Bohlin