MaintMaster blog - 28 June 2018

A world of MaintMasters

A world of MaintMasters

MaintMaster works superbly well in Kuala Lumpur. I know, because I’ve been there. One of the major benefits of a cloud service; all you need is Internet and a computer or phone, for MaintMaster to work. It may seem obvious in 2018, but for me it’s yet a step on an amazing journey.

MaintMaster was formed more than 10 years ago and we quickly became the leading supplier of CMMS, maintenance systems, in Sweden. Our goal, in all humility, is to become the largest in the world.

My motivation has always been my belief in the users. I want to provide you with opportunities, tools and power to actually do a really great job. For me, it means that our users must be able to make settings, customize and shape their systems by themselves. We create a flexible system that adapts to individual needs for every customer. Since you already know what you want to do, you simply need the tool that makes it possible for you.

And I believe that this is the most important reason to why we now have customers in 20 countries around the world. Regardless of which continent they operate in, maintenance managers and engineers seems to have the same things in common, they want control over their daily lives. Nothing makes me more proud of my work than when I see how ordinary users manage to create support for the way they work, all by themselves! An incredible force for your organizations has been unleashed to generate greater productivity, happier employees and improved results. Welcome to a world of MaintMasters!

Linköping, one summer’s day in June

Peter Barkland
Founder & CEO, MaintMaster Systems