MaintMaster blog - 1 January 2020

Alerts and Notifications

Alerts and Notifications

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Sometimes you want to get a notification when something important happens. With notifications in MaintMaster you make it possible for your users to be in full control even if they’re not working in the system.

For example, if your contractors are not connected to MaintMaster all the time, it can be useful to get an e-mail informing them when new job is created. Or if you have an emergency team for production stops, you might want them to get notified by email.

You can choose to e-mail to users in three different ways.

  • User in MaintMaster
  • Direct to an E-mail
  • Use properties ex. Responsible

When something new appears in your selection, MaintMaster will send a mail to the user. If the selection doesn’t already exist, you need to create one that monitors what you want to get a notification on.

  1. Go to Systems settings
  2. Click on Alerts and Notifications
  3. Click on Add
  4. Enter a name and description
  5. Go to the tab Rules and choose your selection
  6. Click on Add and select recipient
  7. Click on OK
  8. Enter a message “With the following message”
  9. Click on OK

The function can be used for all your selections and not only jobs. You can set it up to send an email once there’s a new purchase order to approve, or when a spare part needs to be ordered. Or why not set up a “Welcome to MaintMaster” email for those who just received an invitation?