MaintMaster blog - 10 September 2019

Autumn trainings 2019

Autumn trainings 2019

We hope you’ve had a great vacation, welcome back to an exciting fall!
If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to plan for the courses that you or your colleagues will attend this fall. For many, fall is as much a new start as is the New year. We can see this because the places on our training courses are quickly filled, so don’t wait too long with your planning.

You find all our trainings here:

Why should you train your staff?
An important part of a company’s activities is to prepare its staff to meet the future better. Showing appreciation and paying attention to the staff is an important part of a company’s success. As an entrepreneur, it’s also important to educate the staff better so the company can achieve its goals. Training also provides inspiration and new approaches, which can be valuable.

However, sending staff on courses is not easy. Especially not in an industry such as maintenance, where a downtime in production can occur at any time (by having control of the maintenance, and by having good maintenance, we can of course prevent and anticipate). Therefore, we have written before about the benefits of a reliable organization. Read more about it here,

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We look forward to meet you and your colleagues!