Beach balls & hammocks

In Sweden, we are not exactly spoiled with either sun or heat, but when it comes to summertime, Sweden is hard to beat. Especially when we combine all the exciting cultures we have borrowed from all four corners of the world. I think of BBQ, Mojitos, Zumba, Beach volley, Boule and everything else that feels wonderful in the summer! Often we talk about the summer and the holidays as being the lazy days. What we mean is that we do not work on the things that we usually work on. But this does not mean we have to be lazy. On the contrary, I want to make the case for physical activity during the holidays, get started with that workout that you never seem to have time for in your everyday life. Maybe it can be accommodated now?

Did you know that cardio training is the best way to improve intelligence, get a better memory and be more focused? So in addition to living a longer and healthier life, you have the opportunity to lead a smarter life too! This is called preventive maintenance. The same reasoning applies to our customers regarding their equipment; Their machines last longer, run better and deliver increased capacity. Without being too bombastic, you could say that preventive maintenance, of both people and machines, is the best investment we can make. What do you think? I’m curious to hear your thoughts! Please contact us!

Soon those cozy fall days will be with us and I am certainly looking forward to it, but first we need to make sure we enjoy the Swedish summer. Every now and then in the form of a run around the block!

Have a lovely summer and look after yourself!

Peter Barkland, CEO MaintMaster