We have selected a variety of cases to give you an insight into how MaintMaster can be applied to a range of businesses. Share our customers’ experiences. Maybe you’ll learn something new, maybe you will be inspired to think differently; whichever’s the case, we hope we will provide you with new insights and tools to develop your job.

News from our customers



  • Rosti Goes MaintMaster

    - A comprehensive project with lots of interesting features When the guys at Rosti are putting their minds into something, its usually big! And this time its MaintMaster. Rosti is a Swedish manufacturing company focused on plastic molding and all kinds of services associated. One of the interesting things is that they are running their customers…

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  • Byggelit – Five years with MaintMaster

    - Byggelit – a secure supplier of flexible products for sustainable construction. With a flexible production of smart and well-designed products, Byggelit can deliver phasing disc-based products to both new production of houses and premises, renovation, industry and major construction projects. With several products that are all Nordic Ecolabelled, FSC labeled and recommended by Svensk Byggvarubedömning,…

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  • Meeting a reference – Tekniska Verken

    - Tekniska Verken AB in Linköping collects and processes household waste on behalf of Linköping County. In addition to waste from neighboring areas, Tekniska Verken also sells its services to Norway and the UK. Waste is shipped to Norrköping and then driven by truck to the facilities in Linköping. In addition to waste management, Tekniska Verken…

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  • Welcome Zapp Precision Metals in Sandviken

    - In the summer of 2018, Sandvik Stainless Wire in Sandviken was acquired by Zapp Precisions Metals and, in connection with this, a new maintenance system was procured. The plant in Sandviken is a leading, global manufacturer of stainless-steel wire products that are used for advanced applications with the focus on the medical, automotive, clock and…

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  • Welcome to Wertachtal-Werkstätten from Kaufbeuren

    - The project started with a kick-off in Kaufbeuren. Walter Foltin from MaintMaster where there to introduce and train people in MaintMaster. All people in charge of maintenance where invited to the training. Shortly after, the trained employees introduced other employees in Kaufbeuren to MaintMaster and when necessary, they provide them with instructions. Beside the plant…

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  • MaintMaster integration at HEM

    - Nicklas David, stockroom responsible at Halmstad Energi & Miljö (HEM), came to us with a very interesting inquiry. He wanted to create an integration between MaintMaster and a vending machine to use for consumables. In cooperation with Procurator/International Vending Machines (IVM) and their installator Anders Nyrén, we created an integration. As it turned out, the…

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“Easy to see upcoming activities”

Stefan Svensson
Maintenance responsible

“We are in charge of our situation. MaintMaster gives us full control”

Kenneth Johansson
Maintenance manager

“Safety, reliability and overall efficiency”

“We are in charge of our situation. MaintMaster gives us full control”


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"Digitized handling of work certificates saves time"

"Everyone working with maintenance have a copy to support their daily work. It ensure us to work in a structured way."

- Göran Högberg

"We use the solution for everything from tank cleaning and inspection to ensuring process safety and traceability"

Jonas Rylander

"We have customized MaintMaster to our operations and processes"

Thule Group

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“See if and where we have problems. And to spread knowledge”

Torbjörn Österby
Workshop and facility manager

“Time saving and traceability”

Henrik Magnusson
Service electrician

“Maintenance should be simple“

Mikael Andersson
Maintenance manager

“The hub for the operational part of our organization”

Swedish Sea Rescue Society

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