A selection of our current cases

We selected a variety of cases to you give an insight into how MaintMaster can be applied for a range of businesses. Share our customers’ experiences. Maybe you’ll learn something new, maybe you will be inspired to think different, however, we hope to provide you with new insights and tools to develop your job.

“The transition to MaintMaster could not have been smoother”

Henrik Magnusson,
Service Electrician, Aspen


“Long-term, structured efforts cannot fail to provide results”

Mikael Andersson,
Maintenance Manager, Cloetta


“We use MaintMaster as a hub for our operational safety”

Marie Louise Dahlberg,
Technical department, SSRS



Thanks to MaintMasters’ flexibility and high level of user-friendliness, it is easy to apply the system in various types of businesses, regardless of industry. Here is a selection of industries that use MaintMaster in their daily operations;