“Safety, reliability and overall efficiency”


In partnership with their customers, Ahlstrom-Munksjö innovate solutions that makes their businesses more efficient and sustainable. By challenging the boundaries for how to use fiber in various applications they strive to improve end-user experiences, across the globe. At the combined Pulp & Paper mill in Billingsfors many types of special fiber-based materials are produced. The mill has three paper machines and produces their own pulp. Of the 300 employees at the plant, 50 work in Maintenance and 200 work in Operations.


At the mill in Billingsfors they wanted to improve their safety, reliability and overall efficiency. Many work orders were printed from MaintMaster, comments written by pen and paper before entered in MaintMaster again. The result was double work, lead time and it didn’t help the operators and maintenance technicians to utilize their full capacity.


MaintMaster, together with Hash Mobile and the maintenance and operators at Ahlstrom-Munksjö in Billingsfors has developed MaintMaster Inspector. By digitalized controls and routines with easy access for operators to instantly report operating- and overall machine conditions.


To execute the Operator Driven Reliability (ODR) program, both operators and maintenance technicians have access to work orders using MaintMaster Inspector. Collecting data on machine component level, from both operators and digital sensors, enables more proactive- and predictive work, keeping reactive maintenance at a minimum.


MaintMaster Inspector is the result of a collaboration between MaintMaster and Hash Mobile. The app makes it easy to document data directly by tapping a link in the work order sent from MaintMaster. Any issues reported as Important or Critical (based on asset component tolerance levels) are automatically listed as a new, unscheduled activity in MaintMaster. All collected data is also mapped to the correct asset for improved trending and prediction of machine or component failure.


MaintMaster Inspector, is a key component in the work to increase safety, reliability and overall efficiency for Ahlstrom-Munskjö in Billingsfors.


  1. Work orders are planned and scheduled in MaintMaster.
  2. Work orders are easily accessed by operators or maintenance technicians, using the MaintMaster app.
  3. The correct ODR routine is triggered from the work order and is conducted using the app MaintMaster Inspector.
  4. Upon completion of the routine, the work order is closed in MaintMaster, and a PDF document is attached for accessible work order documentation.
  5. All identified problems are set as new and unplanned activities in MaintMaster.
  6. All collected data is automatically mapped to the correct asset for trending and prediction of failure.



From left to right. Kenneth Johansson, Maintenance Manager. Stefan Blücher, Machine Technician. Patric Stenmyren, Machine Operator. Stefan Skarström, Production Manager