“We are in charge of our situation. MaintMaster gives us full control”

Fordonsgas Sverige operates and builds gas stations for compressed and liquid methane gas. The gas is used as a fuel for cars, light trucks and also busses, waste trucks and other heavy trucks.

The company actively works to get a high amount of locally produced and renewable gas, called Biogas. For customers who wishes, it’s possible to get 100% biogas, which is called Green 100. Based on the volume of fuel, FordonsGas supplies biogas to its network of gas stations.

Biogas has a lot of advantages besides a significant reduction of both carbon dioxide and harmful substances. Since Biogas is produced from organic materials such as food waste and sewage sludge, we get the whole cycle. Something that Carl-Magnus, technical support at FordonsGas, is fascinated about:

– Our suppliers take care of garbage, left overs and other waste, and processes it. Then we take care of the gas. And the remaining residual products works perfect as fertilizer for new food and crops.


MaintMaster is easy to adapt
In 2003 the company did a holistic approach to the service at their service stations. They searched for a maintenance system and chose the predecessor of MaintMaster, Aretics T7. MaintMaster has been used since November 2016.
– We are in charge of our situation. MaintMaster gives us full control and I like that we, by ourselves, can develop the system to adapt our way of work, says Jonas, service manager at FordonsGas. He continues,
– MaintMaster is very easy to administer and make changes in. Sometimes we need to practice some self-restraint to not get carried away! That’s were Carl-Magnus comes in as our system administrator.


Maintenance standard makes a difference
The challenge for FordonsGas has been to create an understanding for maintenance and why its important to report fault and problems, and report every action taken. With help from the maintenance standard, EN13306 they got something to rely on and help explaining what maintenance is and why it’s needed.
Jonas explains,
– Of course we need to understand maintenance. We feel confident communicating maintenance using the European standard. Our way of working with maintenance isn’t unique for FordonsGas, it’s not something invented by our management. It is a standard that is used all over Europe.
And Carl-Magnus adds,
– The maintenance standard gives us confidence, and together with MaintMaster we get the control we want