One strength of MaintMaster is the simplicity when extracting statistics

Ragn-Sells is one of Sweden’s leading companies in recycling and environment. They operate all across Sweden and collect, process and recycle waste and residues from industry, organizations and households. Their facility in Bro is one of several plants using MaintMaster.

In spring 2018, they had an external audit of their ISO 9000 certification and ISO 14000 work, they received positive feedback thanks to how they use MaintMaster. Lars Pettersson, maintenance coordinator, is responsible for MaintMaster.

– We have created selections that shows all of our objects, the last completed job and the priority of that job. With the help of completion codes, we can easily see if a job has been performed, and the outcome, if it was approved without remarks or not. If there are remarks, we create a follow up job, which is handled according to our routines.

In MaintMaster, they create a lot of different work orders; this could be an electrical fault, deviation, root cause analysis or self-monitoring. On July 1, 2017, a new safety regulation regarding electrical installations took effect. To comply with that law, all electrical work orders are created with a checklist for documenting self-monitoring. Ragn-Sells has also designed their MaintMaster so that a notification is sent as soon as a new electrical work order is created.

– One strength of MaintMaster is the simplicity when extracting statistics. It makes it easy to use the system for audits. We can show what electrical work orders we’ve done, and the self-monitoring performed in connection with each one.

During the project with MaintMaster, Ragn-Sells had an project manager assigned from MaintMaster. What Lars appreciated during the project was the simplicity of communication with the project manager as well as with MaintMaster support. He received quick responses to his questions, which was valuable for him.

Congratulations Rang-Sells for being MaintMasters! And thanks for the work you do with our enviroment!


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