SIA Glass

SIA Glass

“See if, and where we have problems. And to spread knowledge”

Ice-cream has been produced at SIA Glass since 1961. Back at the beginning, they manufactured both ice cream and candy, because of the seasonality in Sweden; the demand for ice-cream was traditionally higher in the summer. Today, our demand for ice cream has changed and we expect to be able to buy ice-cream all year-round.

SIA Glass only produces ice cream from fresh cream and other natural ingredients. Preferably, they choose products from nature’s own pantry, such as fresh cream, milk, berries, nuts and chocolate. 90% of the ingredients come from Sweden, where all the ice cream is manufactured. The remaining 10% are products that can’t be grown in Sweden, such as chocolate.

The production in Slöinge, Sweden, is up and running every weekday. The weekends are reserved for defrosting and cleaning the equipment. Half the maintenance staff work shifts, the other half daytime only.

As a visitor, you can tell that SIA Glass is a company where it’s easy to stay. There are several examples of staff members who started out as runners. Many of the maintenance technicians have several years’ experience of the business. Now they want to gather the knowledge in a maintenance system: MaintMaster.

– We have a person who’s retiring soon. He has worked here for so long that he’s developed a feeling for when it’s time for preventive maintenance, or when a machine will break down due to the lack of it. That kind of knowledge is what we’d like to gather in the system,” Roger Johansson, responsible for IT at SIA Glass, says. He continues;

– I can also see the advantage of using MaintMaster in more areas than just maintenance. To use it as a task management system for all types of tasks. For instance, I will use it for my IT-tasks, but it’s also possible to use it for incidents, facility management, etc.

Torbjörn Österby, workshop and facility manager, agrees and also sees an advantage of follow up recurring problems.
– I hope to be able to see if, and where, we have problems. Working with a lot of corrective maintenance, I’d like to follow up to see if we can prevent the problem.

Both Roger and Torbjörn agrees that a maintenance system is of no value unless it is used. For which reason, the system needs to be accessible, and it should be easy to get started.
– The advantage of MaintMaster is that it’s easy to get started. While it’s simple to use, it’s also very powerful so someone with an interest can easily dig down into the statistics, Torbjörn says.


·For you to obtain a new flavor of ice cream, the planning and production needs to start the preceding fall.
·50,000 liters fresh cream is delivered to SIA Glass, every week