Snellman produce various meat products, everything from ground meat and steaks to sausages and charcuterie. The company is responsible for all of the animals, from birth to product.

MaintMaster has been in use since May 28, 2014. During the project, they received help from the Project Manager, Staffan Bergström, MaintMaster.

– Staffan is a project manager who’s down to earth and understands maintenance, Torbjörn Byggmästar says and continues; He knows the challenges we’re facing and understands our business. That was very valuable.

The factory in Jakobstad consists of 30 production lines and some smaller machines. All operators use MaintMaster to enter fault reports and the maintenance technicians use it to take manage the work orders.

‘Responsible rules’ is a function that’s been especially helpful. Depending on the machine selected in the fault report, MaintMaster automatically assigns the correct responsible entity. The person (or group) who is made responsible, will then find the work order in their inbox.

– So, I can just sit back with my arms crossed,” Torbjörn Byggmästar says.

But that’s not true. Torbjörn has a lot of other activities that demand his attention. Meetings is one of them, and they hold a regular meeting to discuss improvements reported in MaintMaster.

– Since you manage all work orders in MaintMaster, it’s easy to use it for suggestions as well.

The simplicity of the system is appealing and highly appreciated by users. Snellman has spent a lot of time on the picture navigation, making it easy for end users to find what they are looking for, they simply click on pictures with which they’re already familiar.

– We’ve added all our power stations to make it easy to find them in case we need to shut them down,” Torbjörn Byggmästar says and continues; Before MaintMaster, there was a lot of searching around in different binders and phone calls to find this kind of information.

Congratulations Snellman AB for being MaintMasters!

– Get to know the function “Responsible rules” here.