Thule Group

Thule Group

"We have customized MaintMaster to our operations and processes"

The Thule Group develops and manufactures products for people with an active lifestyle. Thanks to their products, such as strollers, bicycle racks and bicycle trailers, roof racks and roof boxes, they want you to be ready for any challenge; bring your life is the company motto. Bring everything you think is important for your active life.

The same call for an active life permeates the entire company. During the spring of 2017, MaintMaster and the Thule Group ran a project to migrate their maintenance from their previous maintenance system, T7, to MaintMaster CMMS. Lukas Jarmolovski is the Maintenance Manager at Thule Group and he played a major role in this project.

– We are a company focused on facilitating people’s active lifestyle, using smart products. We have the same attitude ourselves internally at the Thule Group. We constantly want to improve ourselves and our way of working. By using MaintMaster, we can continue to simplify our work by increasing our availability. We have customized MaintMaster to our operations and processes, so we now have a simpler way of handling work orders, Lukas Jarmolovski says.

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