MaintMaster blog - 21 December 2018

Checklist MaintMaster

Checklist MaintMaster

Have you thought about how much easier, and faster, you can do things if you have a simple checklist in front of you?

Checklists are often used as a way to not forget important steps. Especially for important things where a misstake can cause great harm, for instance the checklist a pilot goes through before every take off.But I’ve found that the big benefit of checklists is that using them is far quicker than not to use them.

There are many things that you and others do in a certain order. For some of them, you don’t do it very often, which means you need to think about how to do it, before you get started. With the risk that you might forget something. Even worse, if someone else is supposed to do it next time. For all those sitiuations, my tip is: Create a checklist!

As soon as you do a work where you feel that a checklist would be great, go to MaintMaster and create a new one (or routine, instruction or whatever you call it). Add all checklists in the same selection so everyone easily can find them.

Another tip is also to create a checklist on how to use checklists! It might sound strange, but it will make it easier for new colleagues to understand what to do, and to do it correct.

At MaintMaster, we copy the information in the checklist and create a new job for it. Then we use strikeout for each item as they are finished. If there are several people involved in the different steps, we simply send the job between the responsible. Easy, quality assured and a very fast way to work!

/ Peter Barkland
CEO, MaintMaster Systems