Work with us

We’re in the middle of an expansion phase and are looking for more committed individuals with a burning passion for maintenance. We provide an inclusive working environment with a warm atmosphere where every kind of curiosity is encouraged. Our work maintains a high tempo with efficiency as its cornerstone. Constant development means we are able to achieve our ambitious goals. Would you like to join us on our exciting journey? Don’t wait; send us your application right away.

With us you’ll get:

   Development and career oppertunities

   Clear goals to work towards

   To use forefront technology

   Help others succeed

   Highly appreciated employee benefits

   Knowledge development


Most importantly, we want you to have fun and enjoy every day with us!

Not convinced?

Want to know more about how it is to work at MaintMaster?
Read about what our employee Jesper Gustafsson, thinks about his first months with us:

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