MaintMaster blog - 16 March 2020

MaintMaster In Times Of COVID19

MaintMaster In Times Of COVID19

Hi MaintMasters,

The coronavirus has arrived to our society and it looks like it’s here to stay for a while. There is nothing we can do about the fact that the virus is here, but we can protect ourselves and the people around us the best we can.

At MaintMaster, we have to limit some activities, but we want to assure you that your MaintMaster system, our support and our project management will continue to operate as usual.

However, we have decided to take the following measures in order to limit the spread:

Travel restrictions:
We will no longer travel to our customers and potential clients. All the upcoming meetings will take place with the help of online conferencing software. There is nothing you need to install on your end. Just follow the invitation links that we send out and you’re all set to go.

MaintMaster Academy restrictions
As of now, we cancel our MaintMaster academy courses both on-premises and in Linköping/Hamburg. While we are hoping for the situation to resolve soon, we are working hard on setting up our courses in a way that they can be joined online.

The effect of coronavirus on Maintenance
During recent weeks, some of our customers have told us how they are dealing with the virus and how it effects maintenance activities. The stories vary quite a lot. Some maintenance teams are under a lot of pressure working with reduced staffing, chasing rare spare-parts and improvising solutions for problems arising due to interrupted value chains. In other companies, the situation for the maintenance team is more relaxed. When production is only at partial capacity, there may not be that much of a demand for maintenance activities. Some teams even take the opportunity to improve on their own processes, aligning their maintenance to international standards and build up their MaintMaster database as this can be done even without being present at the workplace.

For the upcoming weeks, we wish you all the strength and health!
Sincerely / Peter Barkland
CEO & Founder