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Use case: Food temperature control

Perfect food management with steady temperatures

Avoid spoilt food or expensive machine breakdown with accurate, real-time temperature monitoring of all your critical equipment. Get automatic notifications and work orders assigned to the right expert when a deviation is detected.

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Hot or cold? Perfect.

Maintaining temperatures is vital for many manufacturers handling sensitive foods that need unbroken cold chains from production to distribution. Take the temperature with IoT sensors before deviations indicate incoming breakdowns.

And monitor temperature and more data even in extreme temperatures. Get real-time insights and see historical trends to make temperature control easier – with automatic work order creation in your CMMS.

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Ready to take the temperature?

Know before failure happens

Ensure optimal equipment temperatures with constant monitoring. Choose your temperature range and get automatic alerts when deviations occur.

Measure from anywhere

Wireless sensors and cloud-based MaintMaster CMMS remove the need for manual inspections. Know the temperature of your assets anywhere, any time.

Let sensors create work orders

Say goodbye to manual work order creation. When a sensor detects a temperature deviation, it automatically creates and assigns work orders to your chosen person or team.

See trending temperatures

Improve your preventive maintenance monitoring with historical equipment data and trending insights on temperatures, vibrations, relative humidity, and air pressure.

Masterfully monitor your temperatures today

Discover a better way to monitor temperature and other data for all your critical assets. Book your demo and see how MaintMaster IoT sensors can help you today.

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