MaintMaster blog - 17 January 2018

Did you know?

Did you know?

There are so many useful functions in MaintMaster – creating charts, your own printouts and properties, etc!

With so many cool functions, we might forget about thoose we use everyday.
So today we want to remind you, or enlighten you about some of them:

  • Clock in to a job
  • Add pictures from your app!
  • Edit a selection by right-click


Clock in to a job allows you to get your worktime automatically reported, other users can see what you’re working on, and it’s also easy to find the job so you can add comments.
Of course you can use the function from your mobile app, admin client and shortcuts! 🙂


And talking about the app! Did you know that you can add pictures from your camera? You can add a picture directly to your item/spare part through the menu.

  1. Open your item/spare part
  2. Go to menu
  3. Add picture!

Of course you can also add a picture to your fault report – simply open it, go to menu and add picture!


The last tip for today is for you who administrate selections.
If you want to edit a selection, you can right click directly in the header:

/ Madelen Barkland, Marketing and communcation, MaintMaster