MaintMaster blog - 23 April 2016

Digital presence generates a record number of new customers

Digital presence generates a record number of new customers

In April alone, eight new customer contracts were signed and several existing customers have expanded their use of the system by introducing it into several parts of the organization.

MaintMaster launched a brand new website last spring. The new website has significantly higher traffic volume and has generated a record number of new customers. Sales Manager Henrik Hagdorn explains:

“Today we have the privilege of initiating discussions with companies that we were previously unaware of. Great interest in the product is particularly evident from the visitors to the website and the rise in the number of downloaded demos from the website.”

Amended purchasing process To purchase and implement a new system in a business, such as a maintenance system, often means a protracted decision-making process that can sometimes take years. However, the increased digital presence has altered purchasing behavior among smaller companies especially where decision paths are often shorter. It is something that Henrik has
certainly noticed:

“Many ofthe customers we have secured recently are companies who themselves have turned to us and the purchasing process often runs quickly. Thanks to the digital revolution it can now take just a few days for customers to have had their eyes opened to us through our website, tested the system and started working in MaintMaster.”

An example of this is the Susteco AB company which manufactures and sells the composting device BigHanna. The company’s CEO, Ylva Ahlström, explains why they opted for MaintMaster:

“We became aware of MaintMaster via the Internet when I was looking for a monitoring system for our machines. The reason we chose MaintMaster is because we need to have monitoring and a dialog with the various machines and customers. We can distribute equipment to a distributor In MaintMaster so as to ensure we can together take care of the monitoring process. Having this on line and having identical information will facilitate greatly.”