MaintMaster Documents

So, you’re eager to learn more about MaintMaster? We have a wide range of documents describing all aspects of MaintMaster, all accessible from here. Legal, technical and practical white papers as well as documents about extensions and integration services. Please contact our support if you still have questions.

Technical white paper

Covers most of the technical aspects of MaintMaster, from a schematic overview to how to handle virtual environments. Everything about security, network, apps, installations, terminal server and the platform from Microsoft Azure is found here.

Technical White Paper

Database guidelines

We made MaintMaster easy to configure. You can do it without the help of expensive consultants. Still, you might need some tips and tricks to start configuring your system effectively. Remember to visit the MaintMaster Help Center for many more instructions and videos.

Database guidelines

What is MaintMaster?

What is MaintMaster all about? This is the easily digestible explanation to someone outside a maintenance organization that might need to understand maintenance, CMMS and MaintMaster.

What is MaintMaster?

Release notes

What’s new in MaintMaster? A list of development made between public releases, each release beginning with a summary of major improvements and new features.

release notes

MaintMaster Agreements Explained

Licenses and agreements can be a bit tricky. At MaintMaster we understand this and has tried to make it as easy as possible. We also have a flexible take on agreements to meet your requests. In this document we explain your opportunities, our standard licenses and what’s important to us.

Agreements Explained

MaintMaster General Online Terms

The MaintMaster General Online Terms is the general document governing the relation between us and our customers, as a legal entity, in addition to the MaintMaster License and agreements.

General Online Terms

MaintMaster End-user Terms of Service

When you become a MaintMaster, a person using our service, we need you to accept our Terms of service. Every single end-user will be presented to these terms, so we are sure that you consent to saving information about you in our cloud services. It also describes the relation to the issuer of your license, intellectual property rights and more.

End-user Terms of Service

MaintMaster Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. Our Privacy policy explains what information we collect, why we collect it and how we use that information. This policy governs all our services, not only the cloud service. In any contact with us, you can rest assure that we honor our policy.

Privacy Policy


Feel free to Contact us if you have any questions regarding our documents.