MaintMaster goes Cloud!

MaintMaster has during the spring started to move customer environments from their existing hosting provider to Microsoft Azure.

How will this affect our customers and what are the benefits? And what is Microsoft Azure?
To get the answers we have interviewed Andreas Bladh that is IT Manager at MaintMaster.

Their challenge – create smart maintenance!

Lindholmen in Gothenburg is an exciting area where the business community encounters the world of education and research and development. World-leading companies are here along with Chalmers University of Technology and a host of other interesting programs and companies with major forward momentum.

From paper and pen to MaintMaster

SNA Europe is one of the oldest manufacturers of hand tools in the world. SNA Europe has been delivering Europe’s leading brands of hand tools for more than a century.

Smart factories require smart maintenance!

We at MaintMaster are active in forging collaborations between schools and the business community in order to build a platform to create skills and disseminate knowledge concerning industrial digitization. The aim of the project is to build a Smart Factory with the help of students under the guidance of companies.

We welcome Tekniska Verken in Linköping AB to MaintMaster

For many years, Tekniska Verken has been a faithful user of our maintenance system T7, but they are now switching to the cloud-based maintenance system MaintMaster. On Tuesday, April 25th, it was premiere or GoLive as we call it.

Åbro chooses MaintMaster

Åbro Bryggeri has been brewing beer from a single source since 1856. Åbro is Sweden’s oldest family-owned brewery, with a well known brand that uses the very latest brewing technology. Its well known beers and ciders are enhanced by a wide range of soft drinks and own-brand mineral water. With its more than 160 years in the trade, the brewery has grown into a vast installation employing 260 people including 170 at Vimmerby. This growth has brought with it stringent quality standards combined with a high demand, which calls for a proactive maintenance process and a high quality maintenance system.

World class waste separation

Envac Optibag is a leading global provider of optical sorting facilities for sorting household waste at source. Household waste is divided into different colored bags that are placed in existing waste containers and shipped by regular refuse-collection vehicles for waste disposal. It is only when the waste bags reach the plant that the magic occurs. Optical scanning of the bags is used to sort by color and recycle in the appropriate way.


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