MaintMaster blog - 16 October 2020

Follow-up job for everyone

Follow-up job for everyone

Creating follow-up jobs is a very powerful tool in MaintMaster. Starting in 8.12 you can create them with a guide, making this feature available to users with limited permissions.

Since long, creating a follow-up job means that you open the job card of that category. Unfortunately, this means that Essential users or other users without that permission (Create new jobs) was locked out from this powerful feature of creating Follow-up jobs. In this release you can create Follow-up jobs using the guide, or the card if permitted, to allow many more users to enjoy this valuable feature.


Updating your MaintMaster system:

You need to be a registered Solution Admin if you want to update your MaintMaster system. If you are unsure who the Solution Admin in your company is, contact MaintMaster Support

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in
  3. Select “Systems”
  4. Click the “Apply update” button to open a dialog to help you update your system

Why can’t I update all systems?

Any release of MaintMaster goes through a series of stages. When we reach Release Candidate, the last step before Public Release, we make it available to all Sandbox and Training systems. That way, you can test the coming functionality before it is actually released. When we declare a release to be Public Release, it’s available to systems including your Production system.