MaintMaster blog - 8 October 2018

Get started with purchase orders

Get started with purchase orders

MaintMaster contains a Purchase Order module, as you probably know. It helps you handle purchases, and you could also get automatic help with what you need to buy. One of the functions is that in the selection “time to order” you will be notified on what items you need to order.


Before you start using the Purchase order function, there are some settings you need to do:

  1. Add the supplier and the supplier item number to ease the order process. Do you want to know how to connect an item to a supplier? Watch the film.
  2. Set an Order point. The selected order point acts as a treshold. It will activate the item as “time to order” as soon as the balance is below the Order point.


Settings we recommend for creating a Purchase order, and order items:

Permission: You need to have the right permission to create, order, deliver and complete purchase orders. You find the settings for it in System settings.

Purchase limit: For you to be able to order items you need to add a purchase limit which exceeds the order value. If you for instance set a limit at 10 000 EUR, you can order items for a total value of 10 000 EUR each time. If the order value is more than 10 000 EUR, you need to send the purchase order to someone with a higher purchase limit. Keep in mind that the purchase limit should correspond with the authority you have. A limit is set for each user under the tab “User settings” on the personnel card.

Selections: Create the selections you need to be able to see and manage your purchases. Collect and gather all selections connected to Purchases in a dedicated selection group.


To make certain that purchases are handled in complience with the rules of your company, I recommend that you create routines on how your purchases should be managed. What should be done, who/what role should do it, etc.


There are a number of things to discuss around items and purchases. I will continue to post articles on this subject, but if you already now feel curious and want to learn more, you are wlecome to contact me or to have a closer look at our training: Purchase & Stockroom.

Good luck!

/ Björn Lindberg, Project Manager