Using MaintMaster

We realize that there are tremendous benefits to be gained for you and your colleagues by using MaintMaster to report on events happening at your plant. The more data you can input into your system, the better you can prevent downtime, increase availability, and ensure better control. Here you can see how to use our mobile app along with a simplified user interface to perform the most common tasks in MaintMaster. Quick and easy!

Mobile access

The mobile app is fully configurable. In default mode, there are shortcut keys for fault reporting and general reporting.

A swipe to the side will in principle reveal all the information across all of your system.

Create a fault report

Discover a problem? Don’t worry! Simply create a Fault report by using the mobile app

  1. Click Fault report
  2. Identify the correct objects in Filter or even simpler, if you have the QR tag for your object, use the QR scanner and Click Next
  3. Select the priority level, Click Next
  4. Set Manager, Click Next
  5. Enter a description of the fault. If your phone has voice recognition, you can easily use this to add your description, Click Finish
  6. You can now attach an image using the menu button and Add image


Without work order

You can easily report that you have completed your work without having a work order.

  1. Click Report
  2. Identify the correct objects in Filter or even simpler, if you have the QR tag for your object, use the QR scanner
  3. Enter Title, Category and Priority
  4. Enter or use voice recognition to provide a more detailed description of what you have done.
  5. Specify the time spent on the work
  6. Report any downtime, if this is relevant
  7. Finish the job and select Completion code


Report on work order

  1. Check your inbox for jobs assigned to you or your group
  2. Click on a job Here you can read all the information about the job.
  3. See detailed description, images and related information.
  4. Clicking on the menu button will allow you to perform a variety of tasks using basic guides. This includes reporting time, and sending the job to a colleague. Simply follow the instructions on screen.


Find and call a supplier

It is easy to search for information using the mobile app as you have access to all the selections across your system. Here we show you the easiest way of finding and calling a supplier.

  1. Swipe to the side to reach your choice
  2. Scroll down to Suppliers
  3. Search for Supplier using Filter
  4. Open your supplier
  5. Click the phone number!



for Maintmaster

The Shortcut interface is designed as a simplified interface for different types of users. Use the system settings to very easily configure multiple interfaces for a range of uses. Here is an example of an interface designed for a technician.

1. Click Fault report

2. Use filter or picture navigation to find your machine, Click Next

3. Set priority and Click Next

4. Set Responsible

5. Describe the fault and attach images if necessary

Check your inbox for jobs assigned to you or your group. If you double click a job, the job card will appear. Here you will find all the information related to this job. The easiest way of reporting is by following the Report guide.

1. Right-click on a job

2. Click Report

3. Simply follow the Report guide

You can also easily finish a job at any time by right-click and select Complete job.

If you want to access documents or information about the object itself from the job, proceed as follows.

1. Bring up the job card by double-clicking the job

2. Side-click at the Site object and select Edit

3. You will now see the object card allowing you to access all the information and connected documents this object