Learn more about jobs

Order a job can be done through all your clients (admin, shortcuts and mobile app). Here you get to see how, and how to change your shortcuts. Selections create your workflow, and you’ll also get a deeper understanding in categories.

Fault report, MaintMaster App

Something broken? Don’t worry! Create a fault report from your mobile device, quick and easy.

Fault report, Shortcut

Yes, you can also order a fault report from your shortcuts. The layout for shortcuts is up to you to decide, read more about it a bit further down.

Job selections

Your MaintMaster is prepared with some job selections (lists of jobs). In these selections you can find all the jobs that’s created depending on their status. For each selection you have a short description that tells you what you can find in the list.

Preparation and planning for jobs

Now when you have a lot of users who’s reporting new jobs you need to administrate them. You can open a new job and add planned resources. When you do so, the job will appear in the persons inbox.

Edit a shortcut

You can easily set up your own shortcut, and change the one that you’ve gotten. In System settings/ Shortcuts you will find all avaliable shortcuts (and you can also create new ones).

In the different tabs you can add different information such as which categories of jobs you should be able to create, and which selections you should see and use.
Once you’ve made the settings you’d like you can always test the shortcut before saving it by using “Test profile”. Your shortcut is saved once you press OK.

Try it out!