More to learn about objects

Learn more about  objects, how to create clickable pictures, fields for specific information (XP – extended properties) and what a category really is. Even though it all seems exciting you should remember to keep it simple..

Create you picture navigation

It must be easy to find your way through our plant tree. In addition to being able to search directly in the tree through a filter, we can make our images clickable! To make a new object clickable, you must always start from the object at a level higher up in your site tree.


Explanation Categories and types

To make it easy to navigate and get information about our objects, we need to have a good structure. We can achieve this by using categories and types!

A category together with a type describes what something is, for example:

We have many objects that can take us from A to B. To collect these objects in a group we can categorize these as As there are many different types of vehicle, we use types to define objects in more detail, such as Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Forklift. Our categories in MaintMaster are Vehicles and the different types we add as Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Forklift.


How to create/edit categories and types

You already have a few categories and types in your system. If you’d like to change them, you can take a look at the video below to see how!


Create field for specific information (XP)

You can easily create custom fields for your objects to ensure that you can select the information you want to include. The fields that you create are called XP (extended properties) but are often simply called properties. You can do as follows, for example, to have a field with information about when the warranty period for your machine expires.