Learn more about persons

Of course, you can also create properties for persons. Want to know their shoesize? Number of their car, or their favorite food? Create a property! Since you’ve started with reporting, you’ll also learn more about statistics.

Add specific information to persons

You can easily create custom fields for your persons to allow you to select the information you want to include. The fields you create are called properties, but are often referred to as XP (extended properties).

In the video we show you how to add XP for shirt size. Of course that’s only an example. You can add a field for whatever information you’d like!


Selection for statistics

Once you’re up and running and you’re starting to get reports on how your factory is running, you can easily check the statistics. By grouping a selection you can for instance get a number on how many non-recurrent work orders you’ve had. You can also use the calendar to check on a specific time.