Learn more about reporting

Using shortcuts and mobile app works as fine as admin client, and maybe even better! Availability is the keyword to get users to report. You also get to know the importance of completion codes for your statistics.

Report with app

No matter were you are in your factory you should be able to report your work. Using the MaintMaster app makes it easy.

Regardless which client you’re using, the report is always done at the same way.

Report with a shortcut

Shortcut is a simplified way of getting access to MaintMaster. From it you can do operations like reporting what you’ve done, create new jobs, check your lists, etc.

Completion codes

For follow ups and statistics!

To follow up why a problem appeared you can use the completion codes. They are perfect for statistics!
You simply edit one by mark it and click edit. Remember to write a description of how to use the code, it will help your users with the reporting. You find them in your system settings.


How important?

A priority tells you how important a job is. The higher priority, the more important it is to fix the error.

You can manage your priorites in System Settings. Our recommendation is that you call a priority for what the problem causes, since it will help your users to choose the right one. Change, add or remove in system settings.