Learn more about items/spare parts

For this step you’ll learn more about the connections your items can have – connect them to a object to make it easy to see where they fits, connect them to suppliers to see who you can buy them from, etc.

Add objects to your item/spare parts

To see what object or objects your item/spare part is suitable for, you can link it to the relevant object. The easiest way to do this is to open the item/spare part and to the Objects tab.

1. Click the Add button
2. Search for the object you want to link your item to, and double-click it
3. Follow the same procedure if there are several objects to be linked


Add fields for specific information (XP)

You can easily create custom fields for your articles to ensure that you can select the information you want to include. The fields you create are called properties, but are often referred to as XP (extended properties). How to proceed if you want to add a field, for example, with information about whether your spare part is a critical one or not.


Create supplier and add to item

In order to order items easily and/or to contact suppliers for any other reason, you can create these in MaintMaster.