Getting started with MaintMaster!

We are convinced that systems that are easy to use are systems that get used, and they create benefits and control for our customers. This forms the basis of everything we do in our development of MaintMaster. Although MaintMaster is an extremely powerful maintenance system, it is easy to get started with the basic features. Taking your initial step to create benefits from the outset is neither difficult nor complicated. All you have to do is follow these six steps to get started. It couldn’t be any easier!

6. How to create a group and what they are used for


Groups can be used, for example, to group more people with the same skills. By doing so, you can send jobs to an entire group, rather than to a specific person. This means that persons who are in the same group can see the most common jobs.

1. Select New/ Group/ Work group

2. Enter the name of your group, such as Maintenance Technicians

3. Click OK

To link a user to a group, proceed as follows:

1. Open the person card of the user that you want to link to a group

2. Change in the Group field to the group that you want the user to be part of

3. Save and close

4. Do the same thing for multiple users to expand your group!