Getting started with MaintMaster!

We are convinced that systems that are easy to use are systems that get used, and they create benefits and control for our customers. This forms the basis of everything we do in our development of MaintMaster. Although MaintMaster is an extremely powerful maintenance system, it is easy to get started with the basic features. Taking your initial step to create benefits from the outset is neither difficult nor complicated. All you have to do is follow these six steps to get started. It couldn’t be any easier!

2. How to create a job


If an object (a machine) is defective, you can easily create a Fault complaint for it by following the steps below.

1. Click New/ Jobs /Category of job

2. The card that has appeared is called a job card in which you enter information about your job.

  • Plant object: the machine where you have discovered a fault
  • Header: A brief summary of the fault, such as “lathe sounds strange”
  • Priority: explain how urgent it is to deal with the job
  • Manager: the person or group that the job is to be sent to

3. For the convenience of the person who receives the job, you can enter a longer description of the fault in the description field, the white free text box located in the lower part of your job card.

4. In order to include images, use the Insert/ Image button

5. Click Save and Close

We use categories to differentiate between our various jobs. The categories reveal what a job is, for example,

  • Fault complaint: Something is broken and needs to be fixed
  • Preventive maintenance: A preventive job is created to avoid any breakdowns

Preventive maintenance sometimes involves recurring activities. To deal with this, you can easily create recurring jobs. MaintMaster will then ensure that you receive a job according to the interval you have set.

1. Click New/ 02.Preventive Maintenance

The job card that opens is called Original job. Here you decide how you want your instances of the job to appear, and in what interval you want to perform the job. All instances inherit the settings from their original version.

2. The following settings need to be made

  • Plant object: the machine on which you want to perform preventive maintenance
  • Title: A brief summary of the job, such as “Oil check”
  • Priority: the priority that your recurring job has, for example, “Normal service”
  • Manager: the person or group that is responsible for the job

3. Go to the interval settings tab to set an interval for when the job is to be performed, for example, by checking the Calendar based box and setting the Month – Repeat – 3 – months after having completed the job which means the job will be sent out at 3-monthly intervals

4. Save your work with CTRL+S or File/ Save

5. Go to the job instances tab to check that jobs pop up in line with the interval setting you made