MaintMaster Video

We post new releases regularly, with videos of how you can maximize your maintenance system.If there is anything you are wondering about or want additional guidance in, you are more than welcome to tip us about your request for future videos. Maybe you have a video you want to share with other MaintMasters? Share it with us, and we will spread the knowledge. Because we are all experts in maintenance.

Get started with MaintMaster

We have gathered a collection of videos that explain how to use MaintMaster in different situations. Short clips that enable you to become a fully-fledged MaintMaster. Create object, spare parts, jobs, persons, report a job that’s done, etc.

Standard texts

For many text fields, you can use standard texts in MaintMaster. This makes communication with colleagues, and reports easier and faster to write.

Selection, Persons and licenses

Create a selection (list) for your users and include a license to see which licenses you use. With simple right click you can change the license of your user. Remember that you also change the user’s authority then, so he or she may have other rights.

Confirm spare parts

From your purchase orders you can now confirm several spare parts, only using one click.

Property with icons

Create a new property and use a value list with icons to get the meaning of the property visible and clear. Use it in selection for a fast overview.

Fault Report

Create a new fault report using a few clicks. Makes it easy to report as soon as you discover a problem. The functionality is available from all devices.

Finding Stuff

One of the main ideas with a system is to have it as a source for knowledge. As soon as you need to know something that concerns maintenance, you simply go to you maintenance system and search for the information you need. Here we show some example on how to find stuff in MaintMaster.


Have you all your spare parts, machines or persons in another program? Simply import them to MaintMaster using the Excel- import. At first you need to make an export to get the right template, but after that, you’re ready to start filling the sheet up with the information you want to import.

Oups! This video has been removed but a new one should soon appear. Please contact if you don’t want to wait. 🙂

Find spare parts


Finding stuff is important. We show you how to find spare parts using shortcuts. Of course you can find stuff regardless device, in selections or using search.

Perform a job

All invited persons with persmission to be responsible or planned as resources for a job, can get it in their inbox or todo. Once a job is done it needs to be completed in MaintMaster. This function can be used from all devices.

For this example we will use Julia, who is an operator. She’s gotten a job that she has done and now she wants to report it as completed in MaintMaster.

Report without workorder

Sometimes you perform a job without having a job for it in MaintMaster. Then it’s good to know you can always report it later (but of course, the sooner the better). To do so, you only use one, simple guide.