Getting started with MaintMaster!

We are convinced that systems that are easy to use are systems that get used, and they create benefits and control for our customers. This forms the basis of everything we do in our development of MaintMaster. Although MaintMaster is an extremely powerful maintenance system, it is easy to get started with the basic features. Taking your initial step to create benefits from the outset is neither difficult nor complicated. All you have to do is follow these six steps to get started. It couldn’t be any easier!

4. How to create a supplier


In order to order articles easily and/or to contact suppliers for any other reason, you can create these in MaintMaster.

1. Go to New/ Companies/ Supplier

2. The cards that have appeared are called supplier cards, and this is where you enter information about your supplier, for example:

  • Name: MaintMaster Systems (name of your supplier)
  • Number: 01 (your internal number for the supplier)
  • Telephone: 013 377 900 (telephone number of the company, such as to the switchboard)
  • Contact: here you can specify a contact person, if you do not have one you can add one by using side click and New. Read more in the section on persons
  • Fax: if you have a fax number to the supplier
  • Language: Swedish (the language used by the supplier)
  • E-mail: (an e-mail that works to the supplier, such as info)
  • Our customer number: 013 (if you have a customer ID number at the supplier)
  • Website: (supplier website)
  • Agreement number: 99100 (if you have an agreement number at the supplier)
  • Street address: Storgatan 6, SE-582 23 Linköping, Sweden (street address of the supplier)
  • Address: if the supplier has a address that is different to the street address, this can be listed here

3. Save your supplier with Save & Close

You can easily link articles to your suppliers that will provide you with instant information about which articles a supplier is able to deliver!

1. Open a supplier

2. Go to the Articles tab

3. Click Add

4. Find an article you want to link

5. Double-click the article to add

6. Follow the same procedure for more articles, if your supplier can deliver more articles

7. Save and close the card for your supplier