MaintMaster blog - 23 March 2018

How was the exhibition in Gothenburg?

How was the exhibition in Gothenburg?

A lot of fun! As we wrote in our newsletter last week there were a lot of great conversations and good coffee. The number of visitors were 10% larger than previous year (2016), the number of exhibitors were 334st compared to last time when it was 273st.

Even though the exhibition has grown, it wasn’t noticed due to a great organization from Svenska mässan. Thanks for that!

During the exhibition we had some presentations on stage, talking about the importance of having a maintenance standard, and to be able to perform maintenance with digital tools. The presentation was made together with 3 of our amazing customers. Thank you for wanting to share your experiences!

  • Jimmy Bengtsson, ST1
  • Göran Högberg, NEVS
  • Kenneth Johansson, Ahlstrom-Munksjö

And as always, we get to meet a lot of interesting persons with challenges in, or questions about maintenance. The feeling in our booth was that our visitors wanted to ”hang around” and not just do a pit stop.

Beside the new persons (which we hope to continue having contact with), we also got to talk to many customers. It’s always a pleasure to have a ”face to face” conversation.
We are already looking forward meeting you again at the maintenance exhibition in 2020! So makre sure to put it in your calendar ?

Here’s some pictures from the exhibition!

And next week you will get to read a short  report from our sales manager – Henrik Hagdorn! Among other comments, he will let you know the winner of Maintenance Champions League!

/ Madelen Barkland, marketing and communication.