Use case: vibrations

Monitor and detect bearing failures wirelessly

Detect vibration changes and bearing failures anywhere on any device. Get automatic notifications and work orders assigned to the right expert when a deviation is detected.

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Know before your equipment breaks

Bearing failures often cause equipment stops. The prevention? Straighten the axis, lubricate, and clean. Know when to give your assets care with IoT sensors. Monitor your critical bearings around the clock with automatic warnings when vibrations deviate.

MaintMaster IoT sensors remove the need for preventive walkarounds and inspections. Attach a sensor to a gearbox, motor, axis, or anything you have a bearing on. Get real-time and trending insights and even automatic work orders in your maintenance software.

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Ready to know your equipment vibrations?

Know before failure happens

Know when machine vibrations deviate from normal so you can solve problems before equipment breakdown or production stops drains time and money.

Measure from anywhere

Monitor critical machine data from your laptop or phone with wireless plug-and-play sensors and a cloud-based CMMS.

Let sensors create work orders

Say goodbye to manual work order creation. When sensors detect a deviation, they automatically create and assign a work order to your chosen person or team.

Watch the trends

Get historical vibration data and trending insights. Find minor and large changes in performance for better preventive maintenance monitoring.

Monitor your critical equipment today

Discover the expert way to monitor your machine vibrations and other critical data. Book your demo and see how MaintMaster IoT sensors can help you today.

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