Use case: Scaling monitoring

Rip battery slip and scale your maintenance

Scale your maintenance with plug-and-play IoT sensors. Measure all assets you depend on with a direct connection to your CMMS for an unbeatable overview.

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Monitor all equipment that counts

Typically, the Internet of Things and sensors are luxuries saved for your most critical machines. Not anymore. With affordable and powerful plug-and-play IoT sensors, monitor all your key peripherals like gates, ventilation, and media support.

Monitor all equipment limitlessly and get automatic work orders created and assigned when sensors detect a deviation. Your most important machine data feeds into your CMMS around the clock – giving you insights to improve efficiency and productivity.

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Ready to take your maintenance to the next level?

Know before failure happens

Become proactive and measure all operation-critical equipment. Set your data triggers and get automatic warnings when a sensor detects a deviation.

Measure from anywhere

The unbeatable combination of wireless sensors and cloud-based MaintMaster CMMS removes the on-site need. Know the status of your equipment anywhere, any time.

Let sensors create work orders

Say goodbye to manual work order creation. When sensors detect a deviation, they automatically create a work order and assign it to your chosen person or team.

Watch the trends

See historical equipment data and trending insights. See any changes in performance for better preventive maintenance monitoring.

Monitor your critical assets effortlessly today

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