MaintMaster blog - 15 February 2018

Items with positive balance

Items with positive balance

Do we have any?

Since I previously worked at a stockroom I know it’s interesting to see the items who hasn’t had any balance change since the last inventory.

Items that hasn’t been withdrawn might be “Shelf-warmers”, items who only takes place and money. You can improve your stockroom value by getting a hold of them (you might not need all of them).

For items who’s increased in balance, you might need to see if there’s any problem with the routine regarding withdrawals.


How can we get it visualized in MaintMaster?

  1. Create a selection based on table provider “Item/spare parts”
    • If you’d like to see the number of items increased in value, use Delivery.
    • Would you like to see the number who’s decreased? Use Withdrawal.
  2. Give the selection an appropriate name like: Items with positive inventory
  3. Add the output columns:
    • Item/Spare part
    • Date
    • Amount
    • Quantity
    • Transaction information
    • Stockroom location
    • To stockroom
  4. Add the conditions:
    • Quantity – Compare value – Greater or equal – 1
    • Transaction information – Contains – inventory
      • The selection will only show the inventory’s you’ve made
  5. Save and close!
  6. Voila!


You now have a selection who shows items that has increased or decreased since the last inventory!

Contact us at MaintMaster support if you have any questions or need our help!

/ Erik Söderberg, Team Leader MaintMaster support