MaintMaster blog - 2 July 2020

Job interval management

Job interval management

From version 8.11 of MaintMaster, we have made a change in how to create and manage intervals for recurrent jobs. If you edit an interval and do that wrong, you change all recurrent original jobs with this interval, with possible major consequences.

In previous versions of MaintMaster you specified the interval for each recurrent job. If you had 10 recurrent jobs with the interval of once per month, you had to edit that setting 10 times. From version 8.11, the intervals are handled separately, i.e. you create the interval once but use it for several recurrent jobs.

Let’s assume that you want to create a new recurrent cleaning job to be performed every 14 days, starting e.g. Tuesday.

  1. Create a new recurrent job through New/Recurrent job, select a Job Category.
  2. Select the Site object the job should be performed on
  3. Enter a Caption and a Responsible group, e.g. Mechanics
  4. Set the Job interval by selecting an existing one from the drop-down list. If it’s not in the list, you can create a new interval by side clicking (right pointing arrow) and selecting “add”. Note that if you select Edit, all recurrent original jobs connected to that interval will be affected

  1. Make the settings as shown below.

This interval will automatically be named “With 14 days’ interval”. You can change it by unchecking the box “Create job interval name from setting”. If you want to remove an interval in the list, disable it by checking the box “Deactivate this job interval””

  1. Click Save and Close

Now the job has an interval of 14 days, as can be seen above. The next step is to tell us from when this should begin. You do this by entering a date in the “Series start date” property, in this case, August 1. You can easily verify that your settings were correct, Save (Ctrl + s), and go to the “Job instances” tab.

After some time, you want to change the interval from “with 14 days’ interval”, to “every two months”. In the meantime, you have created an additional 3 recurrent jobs, all of which with the interval of 14 days, i.e. you now have a total of 4 original jobs with the interval every 14 days. Now that you are going to change the interval on your recurrent job “Cleaning”, you must first check if the interval you want to change to already exists or not.
  1. Open the recurrent original job that you want to edit
  2. Select the interval from the Job interval drop-down If the desired interval, “Every second month” is not there, you need to Add a new interval. If you edit the existing interval, the other 3 original jobs using the same interval will be affected. As shown in the picture below, all 4 originaljobs point to the same interval. If you make a change to that interval, all original jobs with the same interval will be affected.
  3. Side click and select Add, set the interval to “every second month”
  4. Save and close

The recurrent cleaning job has now been given a new interval without this affecting any other original job.

Through Settings -> System settings -> Jobs -> Interval, you can see all available intervals and how many recurrent jobs that will be affected by editing any of them.