MaintMaster blog - 15 August 2019

Keep track on upcoming trainings

Keep track on upcoming trainings

Planning and keeping track of training courses and activities scheduled for your maintenance staff is often a lot of work. Wouldn’t it be great if you could do it all in your maintenance system?

Well, in MaintMaster you can easily enter when your staff need to go on refresher courses, extend licenses and so forth. You can also have it presented as a timeline for a clearer overview.

Anders works as maintenance manager at Pretzel Inc. They manufacture exquisite pastries from natural ingredients. Six people in addition to Anders work in the maintenance department. His colleague John has an operator’s license for a forklift that must be updated every three years, and all of the engineers in the maintenance department must renew their hot works certification every five years.

Anders believes it’s extremely important to keep track of all this so he can plan the courses to comply with regulations. To do so, he adds the courses as individual fields directly in the job card in MaintMaster. Then it’s easy to keep track of when it’s time for John and the other engineers to apply.

To do:

    1. System settings/Jobs
    2. Edit, or add, a job category that you want to use for the courses (note that in this suggestion we will use a category called Training)
    3. Add a property and name it Student and use the data type Person (see fig. 1)
    4. Close system settings

It’s now time to create a job for John’s forklift training:

  1. Create a new recurring job with the category that you edited/created in the step above
  2. Rename the job as the relevant training, such as “Forklift training every 3 years”
  3. Add John as Student
  4. Set the interval “To be carried out three years after the end of” for your job
  5. Save (see fig. 2)

In next step, we create a selection in order to see and plan our training jobs:

  1. Create a selection based on Jobs
  2. Give your selection a name that shows that it concerns training, e.g. “Training time”
  3. Go to Output column and add
    1. Jobs
    2. Student
    3. Start Date
    4. Responsible

By adding the columns, you show the relevant job, the student, when the job should be completed and who is responsible for getting it done.

Go to the Condition tab and set condition
– Job category -> Contains specific items -> Training
– Start date -> In dynamic date interval -> Next month -> Include earlier records

By using conditions, you make the selection more relevant. The condition for Start date will make sure the selection shows your training jobs up to 30 days prior (see picture 3). How many days in advance you want to view your training courses is naturally up to you.

Save your selection.

You now have a selection that shows the training courses that must be scheduled. Of course, you can schedule for other types of training in the same way. For a Hot work certificate, you can create a recurring job with the interval “To be carried out every 5 years after completion” (see figure 4) for each student.

When the training is completed, students can log in to MaintMaster and report the time they attended the course! And to get an idea of how much time you and your staff spend on training, you can use a completion code named Training.

You can also set up MaintMaster so that you get an email when it’s time to schedule a new training course. Contact MaintMaster support and we’ll help you!