MaintMaster blog - 11 February 2021

Let’s make 2021 a good year at work!

Let’s make 2021 a good year at work!

As we don’t get to travel and socialize as much as we are used to lately, it becomes all the more important that our working environment is a place of meaningful interactions, laughter and joy. This is why we want to make sure that 2021 will be a good year for everyone at work.

In my opinion, those who have fun together in the workplace do a better job, feel better, have less sick leave, find new solutions faster and are much more efficient.

I have worked in the industry for 40 years in various positions and the last 15 years as a project manager at MaintMaster with close to 200 companies. My firm opinion is that the companies where you have fun at work succeed better than average.

  1. They may make the same mistakes as other companies but they only do them once. They are open towards each other and share their experienced pitfalls.
  2. They are more efficient by distributing tasks in a more suitable way and helping each other to quickly solve boring tasks
  3. They do not have to ask for help, colleagues will notice and offer help voluntarily.
  4. They feel better in a group but are open with suggestions and can point out issues without risking their social standing.
  5. They let ideas and creativity flow freely.

Gnosjö Automatsvarvning is one of the organizations that we had the pleasure of working with and were inspired by. It is no coincidence that they are successful and laugh a lot together. The company has been using Aretics T7 and later on MaintMaster for quite some time now.


„We always assume that all our employees do their best. To provide them with the conditions to develop is something we constantly work to get better at.“

Linda Fransson, CEO at Gnosjö Automatsvarvning


One may assume that leaders in these organizations are more relaxed, less strict, even frivolous or careless. To the contrary! These organizations often have very strict routines as well as behavioral guidelines while at the same time leave room for laughter and appreciation.

  1. Race and gender jokes are strictly banned (that comes naturally when respecting ones surrounding)
  2. Respectfully using each other’s proper names. No nicknames as they may develop into a ruling technique
  3. Never try to conceal mistakes as they give valuable opportunities for learnings.

Fostering this behavior as a leader requires strict discipline in the communication with coworkers. Employees will mirror the behavior of their superiors. If they lacks respect towards their employees, in time, the rest of the organization will follow suit.

There are a few guidelines that everyone should relate to:

  1. Help those who do not have time for their assignments, do not wait for someone to ask for help but offer it to them if you have the opportunity.
  2. Help those who for various reasons have a “bad day”. We all have that sometimes.
  3. Talk about when someone does a good job.
  4. Dare to give negative criticism, but factual.
  5. Always laugh together. Never at each other.
  6. Be sincere and honest.
  7. Always take out the joy in advance. The only thing that can go wrong is that you have been happy unnecessarily…

When you feel like you belong in a work environment that allows for enriching discussions and meaningful interactions, you will automatically feel and perform better. In turn, this leads to a more healthy and successful organization. And who wouldn’t want to work for a company that is healthy and successful!?

That is why we want to take the time to reflect on how we can make sure that everyone in our team gets the best possible working environment.


Staffan Bergström – Project Manager