MaintMaster blog - 1 February 2018

Maintenance exhibition in Gothenburg!

Maintenance exhibition in Gothenburg!

Hey guys,

This year the maintenance exhibition in Gothenburg takes place in week 11, from Tuesday 2018.03.13 to Friday 2018.03.16.

Our preparations are now in a swing and we’re working hard to get everything done. Good thing we talked about how and what it means to be done at our kick off (


B04:20 is our location!



Our line up for this year:

Sales team (don’t get scared, they are very friendly people 🙂 ):

  • Mats Bjarnemar
  • Tomas Eriksson
  • Johan Peterson


Project manangers (a lot of knowledge about your challenges):

  • Staffan Bergström
  • Björn Lindberg
  • Mikael Törnqvist


You can also meet:

  • CEO & Product owner – Peter Barkland
  • Sales manager – Henrik Hagdorn
  • Training manager – Lars Lorenzo Johansson


But most important, you often come across MaintMasters from all over the world in our booth!


So take this chance to ask all the questions you might have! Come talk about MaintMaster or maintenance.
MaintMaster are the Swedish Maintenance Champions, winners 3 time in a row, so we love to talk about maintenance and to help you with your thoughts!

See you there!


/ Madelen Barkland, marketing and communication (also joining the exhibition!)