MaintMaster blog - 22 August 2019

Maintenance fair in Stuttgart 2019

Maintenance fair in Stuttgart 2019

In just 2 months, it’s time for the Industrial Fair in Stuttgart. Thanks to the awesome reception and the great interest we received in Dortmund, we will be in Stuttgart, ready to meet you!

We see the fair as a meeting place for everyone who works with maintenance. Therefore, we are looking forward to meeting our existing customers, as much as getting to know those of you who don’t know us already. Or those who know about our software but haven’t yet met us.

One of the strengths with MaintMaster being a cloud service is that you can obtain a system to try free of charge directly at the fair, ready for you to take home. You can access it directly via a Smartphone and, of course, from a computer. If you want to prepare yourself before the fair, you can download a system now from our website.

At our stand you’ll meet people passionate about maintenance issues, ready to discuss your ideas. Although we follow developments in the industry and we will be presenting products that are completely in line with industry 4.0, the internet of things and smart maintenance, we never forget you as a user and the challenges you face in your life. You should always be in control of your maintenance, have a system that supports your processes and inspire your users to report.








Picture from fair in Dortmund 2019.