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for the automotive industry.

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IATF Ready:

MaintMaster has all the functionality

that you need in order to get through the

IATF certification with ease:


MaintMaster supports MTTR (Mean Time To Restoration / Mean Time to Repair), MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) and most OEE components.

Traceability of completed Jobs:

Every completed maintenance task gets locked in the system so that it can’t be changed without the admin.

Continuous improvement:

MaintMaster helps you discover opportunities to improve you maintenance. Statistics show you which machines are the most expensive to maintain and where to start your improvement maintenance.

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MaintMaster is perfect for the Automotive industry.

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  • Automotive Components Floby Ab

    - Automotive Components Floby Ab, also known as AC Floby, manufactures products for the automotive industry. Brake discs, connecting rods and wheel hubs, with small and strict tolerances, are produced in the factory. Apart from the production, there's also a development department working on creating new products in alternative materials, to help reduce emissions. AC Floby…

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  • NEVS – National Electric Vehicle Sweden

    - Building on its heritage of innovation from the SAAB automobile company, NEVS is determined to create mobility solutions for a more sustainable future. At the NEVS factory in Trollhättan, Sweden, there is currently a hive of activity surrounding the development of electric vehicles and mobile solutions. In addition to the site in Trollhättan, they also…

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  • BorgWarner

    - BorgWarner creates technology to improve the efficiency and performance in all types of vehicles. They’ve used MaintMaster as their maintenance system since the end of Januari 2018. Linus Borsing is maintenance engineer at BorgWarner and he played a major part in the implementation and, now, in the use of MaintMaster. A dedicated project manager from…

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  • Thule Group

    - The Thule Group develops and manufactures products for people with an active lifestyle. Thanks to their products, such as strollers, bicycle racks and bicycle trailers, roof racks and roof boxes, they want you to be ready for any challenge; bring your life is the company motto. Bring everything you think is important for your active…

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We know a lot about the industry:

Together with our customers in the automotive industry,

we learned a lot about maintenance in the automotive industry. T

his is why we are willing to share and to help!





  • Our new KPI Manual is ready!

    - Your maintenance department up to speed… How can we evaluate the work of the maintenance department? How are improvements tracked? How do we know if we are on the right path? The KPI Manual reflects the experiences that our project managers have made with our customers and collects a variety of different key performance indicators…

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  • MaintMaster Maintenance Manual – Free PDF Download

    - We have released the PDF version of our Maintenance Manual for you to download and use freely. It contains maintenance definitions and KPIs that are useful for maintenance teams to take into account.   Download the pdf version!

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  • How CMMS software can support certification processes, using the example of IATF 16949.

    Preventive Maintenance - The number of different certificates and standards, as well as the scope of their respective auditing process, has steadily increased over recent years. In many companies, these audits have a significant effect on the maintenance department. Since 2018, stricter requirements have been imposed on automotive suppliers in particular. The background to this is the introduction…

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  • Working as maintenance manager

    - Staffan Bergström is one of MaintMasters’ most appreciated coworkers. He’s worked as a maintenance manager for many years, which is one of the reasons for his good understanding of maintenance and everyone who works with it. He also has a big heart and spreads a lot of warmth and happiness, both at MaintMaster and in…

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