MaintMaster blog - 7 June 2018

Maintenance planning in CMMS

Maintenance planning in CMMS

To work with maintenance is an everyday challenge. We work to prevent machine downtime, to perform preventive maintenance and other small but important tasks, and to make sure the right spare part is available.

Daily life in maintenance is characterized by challenges that must be solved quickly and efficiently. If you do not have a tool at hand that provides a good overview and at the same time can be flexibly changed, your challenge and stress will increase.

A Maintenance software should not only enable maintenance planning from the crew side, but also make spare parts planning easy and enabling you to identify critical machines. Scheduling with simultaneous overview of the planned time for individual employees, as well as a timeline for a quick overview are helpful features and not a luxury.

Maintenance planning is varied, and each company has its own constraints and challenges. If a maintenance software only can be changed to requirements by costly adaptations from external resources or using a specialist, then the fun and the efficiency is lost quickly. Maintenance planning must always be carried out in the sense of a fast and efficient execution of priorities. Time is money, and if your tool can not do it, it’s time to look around for something new.

Have a look at MaintMaster and you’ll be amazed at the flexibility and simplicity of the configuration. In the end, the maintenance software should bring you added value, that’s our approach.

Next week you will be able to read about how to set up your own timeline.