MaintMaster at the Bike meet

It was once again time for the annual Rusk meet a few weekends ago – a bike meet that’s taken place for more than 35 years and which attracts 300-350 participants from almost the whole world. This year things were a bit different. Or to quote the Rusk meet head honcho “We’ve gone from being a bit fuzzy to having a really firm grip on what must be done and what may not be done.”  Thanks to MaintMaster and especially its app, all of the 28 volunteers in the project were able to learn precisely what he or she should do and when.

Before the Rusk meet, they had built a simple structure in MaintMaster, where they could keep a grip on their event by building up a site explorer comprising a kitchen, dining hall, toilets, showers, stage, sauna etc. It was then just a matter of linking the details to people, creating jobs and allocating them.

The whole meet was planned in detail, resulting in 180 jobs are broken down into:

– 788 planned hours
– 28 people in the project
– 512 reported jobs

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