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MaintMaster goes IoT – Just install sensors

MaintMaster goes IoT – Just install sensors

One of the many buzz words that we all hear again and again in maintenance is the topic of IoT. Certainly, your management also has IoT at least in parlance, if not high on the agenda. So, it would be very good if your maintenance is already one step ahead, and actually relies on the use of IoT sensors.

At MaintMaster, we believe that IoT must be easy to use and inexpensive to install. If this is the case, then there is no reason not to use the advantages of this innovative technology  in day-to-day business. MaintMaster have made it possible by including MaintMaster IoT Sensors within the MaintMaster maintenance software. The sensors automatically send a work order to your maintenance crew directly from measured data and based on your self-configured trigger values.
Do you need other departments to configure the IoT sensors? NO!
Do you need complex IT structures? NO!
Can you commission and control the IoT sensors completely by yourself? YES!

Do you receive essential information directly without detours or time-consuming evaluations?  YES!

Can you automatically send this information to your crew as a work order? YES!
Do you have all measured data as a history in your MaintMaster software? YES!
Can your existing maintenance software continue to be operated and still use the advantages of the MaintMaster IoT sensors? YES!


When should IoT sensors be installed in maintenance?

  • If you want to reduce the costs of your maintenance
  • If you want to sustainably increase the efficiency of your maintenance
  • When inspections/measurements pose an occupational safety risk
  • When measurements lead to or make a production stop necessary
  • If the object is difficult to access
  • When deviations are not visible to human senses
  • If the object requires frequent or perpetual monitoring
Black IoT-Sensor
Our MaintMaster IoT-Sensor


Our new IoT sensors are easy to install and do not require cabling thanks to the latest technology.  They communicate directly with our dedicated IoTcloud, and continuously measure data for predictive maintenance and/or for measurement data acquisition during documentation duties.
Our MaintMaster IoT sensors simultaneously measure four (4) physical quantities per sensor:

  • Acceleration (vibration) in three axes
  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Barometric air pressure

And of course, it is also possible to continuously receive information about the current battery level, so that the MaintMaster IoT sensor itself is monitored at any time.

In the normal user-friendly and familiar environment of the MaintMaster maintenance software, the IoT sensors are seemlessly included as an option and are simply configured by yourself and can be used at will for your monitoring purposes.


What is the next step to your IoT solution in maintenance?

If you are already a MaintMaster customer, the next step is extremely simple: talk to us and we will send you the required sensors and set them up together with you.

If you are not yet a MaintMaster customer, contact us and we will support you  in setting up  the MaintMaster maintenance software and send you the required IoT sensors.


Take a look here for more information about our MaintMaster IoT sensors

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Author: Tom Reames