MaintMaster blog - 16 May 2018

Welcome to MaintMaster, Ab Göta kanalbolag!

Welcome to MaintMaster, Ab Göta kanalbolag!

A few weeks ago, I finished a project that’s close to my heart. AB Göta kanalbolag has entered the world of MaintMasters!

I grew up close to “Göta kanal” and during my youth I dreamt about becoming one of those sailing on the canal. My dream came true in year 2000 when my family took our boat sailing to Sjötorp and Vänern. An unforgettable trip through the amazing Swedish nature, always greeted by the nice and helpful lock-keepers. I will always remember that first trip.

Now I’ve also had the pleasure of managing the project when Göta kanalbolag decided to replace their former maintenance system with MaintMaster. Two diligent and creative project managers at Göta kanabolag’s facilities department, Stefan Ljungblad and Henrik Pettersson, made this project especially fun and easy. What you might not know or think about is that Göta kanalbolag is more than just the big canal in Sweden, there’s a lot more than canal, ponds and locks. Land, plantations, tourist facilities, parking lots and several buildings also needs attention and maintenance. There’s literally thousands of facilities and other equipment over the 190 kilometers canal’s stretch.

Quite a few of these site objects was present in their old system, so we saved a lot of time using Excel to import records. Most of that work was accomplished by Stefan Ljungblad and Henrik Pettersson already before our first meeting! Therefore, our project days was mostly about adjustments, discussions about how to create a structure and most importantly, how to make sure that MaintMaster supports their work processes. At MaintMaster, we are extremely proud to be a part of the management and development of Göta kanal. A huge thanks to Stefan, Henrik and all the others for making this a great project!

The project finished on the 26th of April 2018, the day before their annual boat release from the dock in Motala. The release has become a tradition, and of course MaintMaster was on site.

And again, welcome to the family, AB Göta kanalbolag and thank you for being MaintMasters!



/ Staffan Bergström, project manager.

Read more about Göta kanal here:

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