MaintMaster blog - 11 January 2018

MaintMaster kick off 2018!

MaintMaster kick off 2018!

Yesterday we had a meeting at a curling center! We got to know the foundations of the sport, and we played a tournament! A great way to start our day!
The good mood followed us during the afternoon when we talked about the results of 2017, and how to increase the productivity for internal projects.

To get us started we discussed the definition of when something is done:

  • When the final goal has been  reached
  • When it can be used by next person in line

And how to get it done:

  • Define the final goal and owner, bigger projects need someone with the whole picture
  • Go backwards from your final goal. What do you need to achieve?
  • Set a time frame, a date/deadline
  • Focus, work with one assignment at time, set a time slot and don’t start interrupting programs (mail, chat, etc) if you don’t need them
  • Visualize, for instance with a chart who shows progress!

Sum of our meeting? A lot of applause, insights and a very, very good start for 2018.

2018 – we are ready for you!

/ Madelen Barkland, Marketing & communication