MaintMaster Online Availability

At these Corona times, remote work is increasingly important. The consequence of this is noticeable for us but also for many maintenance departments. Some maintenance teams are under a lot of pressure working with reduced staffing, chasing rare spare parts and improvising solutions for problems arising due to interrupted value chains. In other companies, the situation for the maintenance team is more relaxed. When production isn’t running at full capacity, there may be less demand for maintenance activities. Some teams even take the opportunity to improve on their own processes, aligning their maintenance to international standards and build up their MaintMaster database as this can be done without being present at the workplace.

Essentially, MaintMaster continues the operation as usual. But there are some changes:



There are no restrictions to our sales activities except that we work remote and that will resort to phone calls, emails and online meetings. Feel free to book a demo or contact the sales team if you have any questions.


Project Management

All the upcoming meetings will take place with the help of online conferencing software. You don’t need to install anything, just follow the invitation link we send, and you’re all set to go.

All the implementation projects will take place as planned, but online. We are used to work this way thanks to an increasing number of international customers. With the help of online meetings and remote access, we can support the setup and start your MaintMaster system wherever you are.


MaintMaster Academy

Our training team has been working hard on changing our course structure to make the MaintMaster Academy available online. All the scheduled courses are going to take place in online video conferences. To participate, make sure to have the following equipment at hand:

  • A headset with microphone
  • A Windows-based PC (Windows 7+)
  • A web-camera (optional)


MaintMaster operation and support

All your MaintMaster systems are still run, supported and monitored 24/7.