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Our Roll-Out Projects

At MaintMaster, we know maintenance. Not only do we know our software inside out, we also have an extended background in maintenance. All our project managers have worked several years as maintenance or production managers before joining the MaintMaster team. So, they have a deep understanding about the challenges out there.

We have delivered over 500 successful customer projects all over the globe. This experience has over the years evolved in our “all you need” project packages. Simply choose from small, medium or large depending on your current situation and your ambition. The packages include everything you need to get your system up and your organization onboard. Your key users will also gain the knowledge in how to improve your system over time, how to extend the usage to different areas and how to change it to new conditions. There will be no need for consultants over time.

And the best part – we guarantee fixed price and fixed delivery time.


Our implementation packages give you access to an experienced project manager from MaintMaster Systems, who will help you to understand how you can customize our standard configurations
to suit your particular processes and working practices.



Implementation usually takes 4-10 weeks. In consultation with you, we develop a project plan that suits your business and that forms the basis for all activities being carried out in the correct way and at the right time so that upgrading runs smoothly and without any unnecessary interruptions



The training includes our System Introduction, MaintMaster as a tool and Processes & flows for your maintenance team. Read more about the courses on our academy page


Status meetings

During implementation, and in consultation with you, we review the most important functions of the system to ensure you are well acquainted with its functionality. The review includes the following:

  • Selections
  • Selection manager
  • Shortcuts
  • User management
  • Review of functionality

Status meetings are primarily held online.



When it is time to put the system into operation MaintMaster’s project managers on site. We review the final details ahead of the launch, including

  • Selections
  • Shortcuts
  • User management
  • Review of the key settings along with your Power Users.

Implementation Package Small

We implement according to the European maintenance standard.

Best choice if you have no system today or you don’t have a structured way of working as of now and you want a quick start with a huge improvement in a very short time.


Timeframe: 4-8 Weeks

Training Participants: 2

Price: 11.400€


Implementation Package Medium

We implement according to the European maintenance standard and we customize settings, process support and KPI:s to adopt the system to your needs.

Best choice if you have a structure way of working today, or that’s where you are aiming. Your ambition is to optimize your maintenance work and improve by taking advantage of statistics, customized KPI:s and reports. 


Timeframe: 5-9 Weeks

Training Participants: 2

Price: 21.500€

Implementation Package Large

Your vision will be applied in practice. We will chart your processes and adopt the system to match the needs. The European maintenance standard is our guideline.

Best choice of you have high ambitions or very special needs. You want help to optimize your processes and you want the CMMS to adopt to you.


Timeframe: 6-10 Weeks

Training Participants: Unlimited

Price: 34.900€







Project startIn consultation with you, we review and establish the project’s structure and content.
Project team training (central training)– System Introduction
– MaintMaster as a tool and Processes & flows
MaintMaster’s Situation Analysis*We conduct a MaintMaster Situation analysis that is presented in report form. Requires some participation of representatives from different parts of the business.






Workflows*The development and review of necessary workflows.
Development of vision/objectivesMaintMaster helps you to formulate visions/policys and objectives when necessary.
Configuration of the system*MaintMaster helps you to configure the system and ensure that it is set up and customized to suit your particular needs and working practices.
Arrangement/conversion of dataReview of how import and export works in MaintMaster






Consensus in organizationConducted in conjunction with the training of the company’s maintenance technicians.






Procedures and instructionsWe are involved in helping you define and develop the procedures and instructions required.
Testing of all work practicesMaintMaster requests the results of the tests






Commissioning*MaintMaster is on site to ensure that the start up/ migration works as intended.






Monitoring plan*MaintMaster conducts the follow-up meetings over the next six months after commissioning via Zoom or equivalent.
MaintMaster’s Situation AnalysisWe conduct a MaintMaster Situation analysis that is presented in report form. Requires some participation of representatives from different parts of the business.

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