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Our Roll-Out Projects

At MaintMaster, we know maintenance. Not only do we know our software inside out, we also have an extended background in maintenance. All our project managers have worked several years as maintenance or production managers before joining the MaintMaster team. So, they have a deep understanding about the challenges out there.

We have delivered over 500 successful customer projects all over the globe. This experience has over the years evolved in our “all you need” project packages. Simply choose from small, medium or large depending on your current situation and your ambition. The packages include everything you need to get your system up and your organization onboard. Your key users will also gain the knowledge in how to improve your system over time, how to extend the usage to different areas and how to change it to new conditions. There will be no need for consultants over time.

And the best part – we guarantee fixed price and fixed delivery time.

Implement MaintMaster® in 7 Steps

Welcome to MaintMaster! At MaintMaster, we believe that maintenance makes a difference for productivity, sustainability and safety. To utilize these possibilities, we want you to be in control of your tool and thereby your business. Our implementation projects are all about that, leaving you in control of your own maintenance system. For this we use 7 steps of “training the trainer”, and you are up and running already after step 1.

Dedicated Project Manager

When ordering an implementation project from MaintMaster you get a dedicated project manager, who will be your guide through all 7 steps.

Training Sessions

It all starts with booking your training sessions, normally there’s a new training session every second week, followed by a project meeting, either on site or via web meeting. Small and medium implementation projects includes training for 2 dedicated persons, while large includes 2 seats per training session during one year (from the first training).

Train the trainer

We recommend your local implementation team to consist of at least 2 persons. Besides training and project meetings, your team should expect to allocate about 10% of their working hours, for the first part of the project (until step 4).

MaintMaster implementation process

What’s Included?

Implementation Package Small

We implement according to the European maintenance standard.

Best choice if you have no system today or you don’t have a structured way of working as of now and you want a quick start with a huge improvement in a very short time.


Timeframe: 4-8 Weeks

Training Participants: 2

Price: 11.400€


Implementation Package Medium

We implement according to the European maintenance standard and we customize settings, process support and KPI:s to adopt the system to your needs.

Best choice if you have a structure way of working today, or that’s where you are aiming. Your ambition is to optimize your maintenance work and improve by taking advantage of statistics, customized KPI:s and reports. 


Timeframe: 5-9 Weeks

Training Participants: 2

Price: 21.500€

Implementation Package Large

Your vision will be applied in practice. We will chart your processes and adopt the system to match the needs. The European maintenance standard is our guideline.

Best choice of you have high ambitions or very special needs. You want help to optimize your processes and you want the CMMS to adopt to you.


Timeframe: 6-10 Weeks

Training Participants: Unlimited

Price: 34.900€

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STEP 1 – Get started(~ week 1 – 3)Included in all packages

System Introduction ***

Our introduction course, where you are briefly introduced to most functionality within MaintMaster in one day.

Add basic data (objects, persons)

During a project meeting we assist you (train the trainer) to establish a base foundation to make your system usable. Together we build your site object tree structure and add personnel and supplier contacts.

Use our standard configuration

We introduce you to our standard configuration (template).

Report all jobs you already do!

When we are done, you will be able to report all work that is already carried out in your facility. A short training of the maintenance staff is included.

STEP 2 – Start planning jobs

(~ week 3 – 5)

MaintMasteras a tool **

A deeper review of most functionality within MaintMaster, stretching over 2 days.

Start planning corrective jobs

During a project meeting we assist you (train the trainer) to adjust your MaintMaster configuration, to support your needs when planning new fault reports.

Add preventive maintenance (recurrent jobs)

During a project meeting we assist you (train the trainer) to establish a base foundation for recurring preventive jobs. When we are done you will know how to create a good template and have a plan for adding preventive maintenance for the rest of your facility.

STEP 3 – MaintMaster maintenance manual

(~ week 5 – 7)

Maintenance standard **

This course introduces you to our maintenance manual based on European standards for maintenance, mainly EN 13306 Maintenance Terminology, and how to relate to that in your everyday work.

We introduce our maintenance manual at your company

During a project meeting we walk through our maintenance manual and make small adjustments in MaintMaster to adapt to your company.

We make your own maintenance manual

Together with a team from your site we adapt the maintenance manual to your company, including a customized wrapping and on-site training for your personnel (digital copy included, quote available for printing).

STEP 4 – Improve your Workflows

(~ week 7 – 9)

Processes and workflows *

This course starts on a white board offline and finalizes with a white board workflow implemented in MaintMaster. This course stretches over 2 days.

Improve your workflows, adapt the system to your company

During a project meeting we assist you (train the trainer) to adapt the configuration even more to your way of working.

Implement additional workflows (ex. Suggestions, Warranty claims etc.)

During a project meeting we assist you (train the trainer) to establish one example workflow, e.g. how to handle Warranty claims.

STEP 5 – Spare parts & Stockroom management

(~ week 9 – 11)

Stockroom and purchase orders **

When work orders are managed easily, the next step is to follow up spare parts usage and costs. This course covers most of MaintMaster’s functionality for spare part management in 2 days.

Get organized

The first step to register parts in MaintMaster is to get organized outside MaintMaster, then to add spare part data and stockroom location in MaintMaster. We assist you to set the framework, and when we are done you will have a good structure and a plan for adding the rest of your stockroom.

Start registering spare usage (deliveries, withdrawals etc.)

As soon as you have parts registered in MaintMaster, you may start registering withdrawals and deliveries etc. We assist you to simplify this as much as possible for your users.

Plan spare parts on jobs

When you are comfortable registering spare part usage you may also start planning ahead, with more job details, including taking spare part lead times into account, and once again we assist you.

TPM Charts

STEP 6 – Start to follow up

(~ month 3)

Maintenance Management / Maintenance Planning **

After a period of working with MaintMaster the next step is to follow up usage and improve planning. This training consists of two parts, led by 2 former maintenance managers (and stretches over 2 days).